So here we are…

There’s something very daunting about finally knuckling down to start writing your first blog post…. I’ve had a collection of mutterings, thoughts and stories from years of travel and work in the experience gift industry and as a result of much persuasion, I’m finally getting around to sharing them. Here’s hoping that I can inspire you to experience more from life and to live with the aim of creating the most wonderful memories.

As a brief introduction, I’m writing from the viewpoint of my time as CEO of Gift Experience South Africa– a very cool little online business that helps people find the most amazing experiences to gift to loved ones, friends, family and colleagues. I was bitten by the travel and experience bug at an early age where every family holiday was an epic adventure by road to some far-flung corner of Southern Africa. The whole ¬†journey was part of the adventure and my folks ensured I was instilled with a curious mind and a thirst for new knowledge of all things, but travel in particular featured highly. My wandering feet have taken me on solo trips overseas to Europe mainly but also to other African countries and it has been these tours that introduced me to a whole world of exciting experiences where, when you’re trying to pack light, you tend to rather take home great memories… and lots of photos.

This thrill of exploration and discovering where my curiosity could take me, resulted in me leaving behind my legal training after university to embark on the grandest adventure of them all… managing a business where our whole purpose is to put smiles on people’s faces as they discover for themselves the arm-pinching joy of doing something they never thought they would or could. Even more thrilling is being able to gift such an opportunity to another person and it’s this passion for giving great memories and sharing these memories with loved ones that makes my work such a pleasure…. I exist to hear the happy tales from excited experience goers, to see the tears of joy and expectation on an experience gift recipient’s face, for that moment of lit-up eyes and crinkly smiles as people are handed their wildest dreams on a plate. And it’s a collection of tales and stories from my time as well as musings of personal adventure, test-driving our own experiences and great gifting suggestions that I hope to share with you here.

Here’s to sharing amazing experiences and unforgettable memories.